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Founded in 2014, The Letterist is a boutique creative studio specialising in fine stationery and paper goods. Combining the timeless traditions of beautiful hand-lettering and illustration with cutting-edge design software, The Letterist offers a sophisticated and unique range of products including personal and corporate stationery, wedding and event invitations, greeting cards and limited edition art prints.

Right, now that official introductions are out of the way, let us tell you what we really do. And there aren't a lot of flowery or sophisticated ways to say this: we handwrite stuff. Sometimes its a snippet of philosophy that's going to inspire you to get out of bed and conquer the world every morning, sometimes its suggestive lyrics from a hit radio song, and sometimes its a hashtag that's taking the online world by storm. That's the beauty of words - there's something for everyone, for every moment, for every era. And that is what drives what we do.

Deciding to start a stationery brand in the middle of 2014 when the world is becoming ever-more digital and paperless, is not yet another nostalgic yearning for the days of yore - instead it is our deliberate effort to bring that timeless tradition into the present day, to revamp and modernise it, to allow, if you will...the past and present to sit together and play. Why shouldn't a quote from 1890 go viral, and a trending hashtag be beautifully letter-pressed in gold foil?

All that said, we are still very young, and what we do evolves everyday. Perhaps our letters will one day turn into fabric you'll want to make curtains from. Maybe we'll be painting a giant wall mural in the streets of Barcelona one day. Or you might ask us to pen your tattoo. And have no doubt that we'll accept the challenge. Until then, we're just feeling feelings and putting them down on paper in pencil, pen, or paint...and then turning them into cards, framed prints, and whatever else comes next...which you'll soon be able to buy from our online shop. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter and stay tuned.


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