Second Star to the Right; Our Best Open Studio Yet!

There’s always a moment a few days before an Open Studio when I’m forking out hundreds of dollars for bubbly, catering, frames, shopping bags, pretty napkins…we’ve got to have pretty napkins!...and I think…wait, why am I doing this again? This money could very well go towards a little beach vacay and some yummy cocktails. But then about an hour into the event, the room is full, you can hardly hear the music above all the lively chatter, there’s a dashing waiter in my living room attentively topping up my glass of bubbly, and I think…omg…I should totally do this all the time! Not to mention that we also had a ball pit at this one, and the hour I spent in it after the event was worth every penny and more.

Jokes aside, this particular event turned out to be even more worthwhile because it was our most successful Open Studio yet! We've barely been able to keep up with the storm of post-show orders, and all the colourful walls and frames you're about to see in the photos below are pretty much empty! A big thank you to everyone who came, shopped, mingled and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it happen. And a special thank you to someone who came over the day before the show and asked me, "Wait, why is this for kids? I want this stuff for ME!" We all need a little reminder to never grow up...and this event was mine.

Photographs by Vince of Kreative Kingdom and my awesome intern Sana. I've inserted a few of my favourite jams from the day's playlist, in the hope that you'll get a more wholesome picture of what an absolute joy it was...and more importantly that it gets you excited for the next one, because I've got some bigger and better dreams now. In the words of Peter Pan...Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning!


The Letterist

PS. If you're local and missed it...we'll be at the Bump, Birth & Beyond market this Saturday 16th December from 10-4! Come and play!


[Ok, if you skipped all the previous musical interludes you have to HAVE to watch and listen to this one because it is the best, and I adore both of these men so so much.]

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